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All Dressed Up American Man Big Ol Train A Thousand Years Gone Down The Highway Ridin' On The Wind Little Fool


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Terry Lee Shotgun Bolton
hails from the streets of Detroit and is cutting a path wide open all over the world!
Terry’s new CD “American Man” takes one part Rock, one part Pop, one part Blues, one part Southern Rock,
one part Country and a dash of Detroit Soul, mix in a taste of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin
& Alex Lifeson, Rush, a heaping helping of John Bonham, Led Zeppelin and Neil Peart, Rush,
a shred of ZZ Top and a heavy pound and a half of Motley Crue, slap it in a blender and hit GRIND,
Serve on a four inch silver disc and press play...

"On America Man Terry Lee Bolton make's sure you know two things, He believes in Jesus, and he's an American.
The Guy must bleed flags and crosses. These two ideas are backed with big guitars and an great back beat.
The Incendiary Guitar Solos & Drums and Great Vocals are a highlight in the production. Key Tracks,
Big Ol Train, Down The Highway, God Knows & American Man".
The Nashville Music Guide 2012...



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